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To conclude our project EVERYDAY SITUATIONS, all the participants involved in it are asked to complete the following questionnaire in order to assess the achievement of learning a foreign language through a great variety of activities and teachers' and students' satisfaction.

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To finish our project, the Irish and Spanish teams have organized an activity together. As we were also involved in an eTwinning project together last school year, we have decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Cuatro Caminos High School. The Spanish team got some letters and St Patrick’s cards from Ireland in March.

Then in April the Irish students recorded a video to show the Spanish team how they celebrate that special day in Ireland.


After the information, the Spanish team organized a potluck at lunchtime on May 11.

Two volunteers under the program of the European Voluntary Service, Willem Van Schil from Belgium and Vanessa Lemesre from France, were invited to share the lunch with us. They gave an introduction about this celebration to the students in English and after that we enjoyed some typical Spanish food, cupcakes, cakes and so on.

To see how the Spanish team celebrated that day at school, please click on the video below.